I got Dipsi 2 years ago and she is the most amazing, kind, friendly dog you ever meet. She is a full rase Rottweiler and she protect the family and friends like she is suppose to but she never jump on you, bite, or any other of the likes. She always when we are out and she sees people come against us place her between us and them so she can take action if needed.
She is a alpha dog but has the attitude and dont need to show it by fighting and she always treat other dogs with great respect even it can for people who dont know dogs look scary when she play with her “boyfriend” Doffen. She is for sure the boss 🙂

She runs super fast so wanted to test the Hero 3 Black edition to see how different each mode work. This was just a “normal” 1920 HD recording slowed down in Adobe After effects. As you can see she is well trained and full of muscles. It`s an awesome sight to see how they move as she runs.

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