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I had the pleasure to create the imagery for music artist Ida Maria release The Story of Love Conquers All. This was Ida`s return after a break from the music scene and it was important that it made a great impact. Ida`s own words:

When I wrote these songs I was in different places, different continents, different temperatures, different countries, different rooms. I was searching for myself. I was searching hard and painstakingly.

I was searching because I had lost myself. I had lost myself somewhere and I couldn’t quite say when it happened, so now I was backtracking to try and find myself again.

I wanted to create 3 compositions using photos, 3D objects and Photoshop to put it all together to tell the story. Starting when it was darkest and she could see the light through rising from it until she had full control.

The photos where taken around the world from California, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Oslo & Vevelstad. The Adobe Photoshop came into action and thats where all the magic happens.

Ida was photographed in California and in Hollywood, then the background was photographed in Vevelstad and the light and crows was taken in Oslo. Ida in the composition is actually made from 2 photos of her.

It`s always fun to work with artists like Ida.

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