What`s going on?

As all of you other Tog Gear fans who join me in the sad Jeremy Clarkson’s departure from the show. Its a sad hour for BBC and all of us and now speculations goes to all directions.

Jodie Kidd who I love and admire as a GumBall and car lover says the future looks “interesting” after Jeremy Clarkson’s departure, prompting speculation about her as the next presenter. Kidd once held the record for the fastest celebrity circuit on Top Gear’s “Star In A Reasonably Priced Car” leaderboard – completing it in 1 minute, 48 seconds – and made a special appearance on the series’ Ashes Special in 2010. I think she more is hinting that Top Gear under a new name start up with the full old team.

James May or Captain Slow as we love to call him and Richard Hammond are selling off a raft of bikes from their classic motorcycle collections, joking that they need to raise some cash following their recent unemployment. James also told some reporters before the final judgement on Jeremy from BBC that he needed to go as he was publishing his Ferrari on the EBay motor listings. :-D

I was watching a video on Youtube today when a ad came up that I needed to see. I guess about 99% of the time I skip it but this was something else. And it turned out to be that. I have heard in the news that The Stig coming to Norway and competing with the sports stars was planned before he got fired and they canceled the rest of the show and thats why it would only be him who would be coming.

What im wondering about is why are they now pushing out all this ads if its not planned to be shown as BBC say?

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