BMW magazine photo spread

I love cars as said many times and I this was a great shoot. Usually a job like this involve direct shots or video of the car or cars that is the subject of the job.

This time I pointed the camera in another direction. It was the 30th anniversary for the BMW`s Magazine in Norway. The location where the celebration was to be held was at the famous Ekeberg restaurant in Oslo.
Overlooking Oslo and with a stunning building to match the background its somewhat of a architectural icon. There is usually a lot of cars parked on the space in front of the restaurant and again typically a range of BMWs might have been the way to go.

Instead I took a photo of an empty parking space to symbolize the place where open wide space in the sun. Where any car and especially with a car legacy as  that of BMW would fit in. So sometimes the backdrop turns out to be better then the object.

Rune Wold

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