The love for F1
I have always loved motorsport as well as personally been racing both Motorcycle, Formel Ford and 24 hour races. I was approached by Renault through PlotDEV who have had PM, to look into creating a design that was stand alone for the F1 racing section on the Renault website. Then create an extension to a Mobile App for Ipad.

They wanted to see another approach to the design they already had to both this year and for the next season push the envelope further. Websites for racing has a way of looking the same and everything is usually in the same place and with the same form. It might be seen as a great way for usability to have it like this but for branding and establishing a top of mind to a wide audience both using BTL and ABL marketing.

Its obvious the racing has 2 main attraction for any motor company. Creating awareness by being highly visual and here get a brand building place moving over to selling cars. Then the technical aspect that many also think has no usage it actually more often transferring from the amazing racing cars over to the Renault commercial products.

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