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It`s always a great treat to work with leading brands and organizations and you tend to get a lot of attention with high profile names. I love to just as much work on “smaller” brands as where big projects for large brands this brands has established their presence.
Smaller brands and start-ups are really dependent on a perfect execution of their marketing and this is can be a larger challenge. I put all the same energy and passion into all projects no matter client, media or budget. Budget = time I can spend on a project so its also a balance that need to be filled.

New Solution is a local company run by a friend who has a hardware repair studio where he fix any hardware you can think of. So the site showcases both his services as jobs he has done including fixing my Iphone screen.

The site is being created as I post this. Singhsolutions is doing the development from PSD files into a fully working WordPress site in this project.

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