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On my old blog (to be a archive when I get time) I used to have something I called “On my screen”. Most of the times the project you work on require discretion to secure the clients “speed to market” advantage. This is obvious.

Then there is some projects where hints can be given and some graphic showing without giving away the way the final result will be like and revile special features that might be game changing when its launched. The series was about showing some hints to what I have been working on and what is in the pipeline and some that is in development when it comes to digital work.

I have been so lucky to having a chance to work for the Bentley Motors and Bentley Motors INC in the future on a few projects (The North American division).

This time its the digital presence for Rolls Royce 2017 that is on my screen. Just a few subtle samples. For those who live and breath cars will notice correctly that there are some 2016 models in the design examples. This has been replaced not to show off the full design as it will launch in November.

Its a great honor to get to work with the people at Daimler who are super passionate about their brand and products. What more can a car and auto fanatic like me ask for? 😀

Meeting & shoot in Las Vegas

Photo & Film shoot for the new site

Had a fantastic time meeting the people at Daimler and Rolls Royce in Las Vegas. Usually it`s in NYC but Vegas always gives you varmt and sunshine. Also Rolls Royce representatives where at a convention showcasing their products.

This is some behind the scene photos and some mood photos to use in the meetings we had before making the final shoots and film. Big thanks to Hellen for being so sporty to play her part in the shots.

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