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When DJI started Skypixel the UAV Photo and Film community they made it from

wanting a place where up-and-coming photographers and videographers can share what they’re doing, Our intent is to provide them with a platform that allows them to shine and to share photos and videos that might otherwise be left on SD cards.

This is the beginning of an article on on UAV FACTS that is looking at the ever growing Skypixel. They write:

SkyPixel didn’t make a particularly big splash when it began. Starting with a user base of around 5000 pilots, the community was initially rather quiet. Many early users, like Rune Wold, uploaded a few photos before drifting away. Eventually, however, the site caught on – and dormant users like Wold began returning. Now, SkyPixel has 1.1 million registered users and the number is steadily growing.

A big thank you to M. S. Kim & UAV FACTS for writing about me!

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