Caterpillar s60 Phone

I did the design for Caterpillars new Phone S60. The first thermal imaging smartphone is soon launched by CAT. This new phone makes you see the world from a new perspective with the revolutionary Cat® S60. Combining the classic rugged qualities of Cat phones with leading smartphone innovation, this new generation rugged smartphone will allow you to Capture Everything from the palm of your hand. Achieve more with the world’s first thermal imaging smartphone.

It`s everything from waterproof to Drop-proof up to 1.8m and reinforced with a strengthened die cast frame, the Cat® S60 exceeds even military specifications, making it the perfect companion to those living even the most rugged of lifestyles.

I did the webdesign for the launch. This summer has been super hectic and the launch passed me by but the second stage is launched and you can now pre-order the phone that i coming soon.

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