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By the release of the Mavic Air I was lucky to get my hands on one and brought it to Crete island in Greek, Here I found amazing places for flight and stunning landscapes.

I was lucky to have my best friend who speaks the language so we got great local tips. We also rented a car to be able to explore the island. I was stunned to find that mountains rise as high as 2450 meters. Here we found a famous pass that was simply amazing.

We started that day on the beach and was now among mountain tops with snow. Here the wind was really strong and being the first day I did not risk to fly the Mavic. I made a flight using the Inspire and even that had some problems. Will post a larger post later with much more material.

I was advised to bring a wind jacket and warm clothing but I was surprised to see how the weather and landscape kept changing in just a short drive. Stunning landscape kept us speechless and we never knew what we see around the next corner.

The ONE photo


After arriving the first day we relaxed at one another’s hotel rooms I wanted to test the Mavic Air as I had not tried it yet. I also got the CrystalSky 7.85″ Ultra Bright monitor from DJI. It has an amazing screen that even in direct sunlight show a crystal clear image. So I took the Mavic Air out on the terrasse and took off.

When I looked down against the ocean I could see a reef in the distance. I was thinking that would be a good range test so I flew there with flawless image and control range. As I was over the reef I pointed the gimbal down and took a few photos before heading back. After landing I uploaded the photos to the Macbook and into Lightroom.  I did some grading and uploaded it to my Skypixel profile and entered it into the contest.

During the week we were there and after coming back home I did not upload anything else as time went so fast and my schedule was just too full. When the date of entering the contest ended I cursed myself for not entering more. When opening my email that day and saw the email from DJI that I won the contest I was speechless. They made an article on Medium and you find my photo on my profile here.

Thank you so much to DJI, The Skypixel community and Andreas for taking me along to Crete!

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