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SuperOne is at the crossroads of crypto technology, mobile gaming, and networking – the world’s first decentralized platform to unify these fields via direct ownership model. SuperOne capitalizes on the massive global gaming market and transforms networking for the crypto age. Welcome to the delight of innovation. SuperOne taps into a global mobile gaming audience of over 2 billion, uniting the huge audiences of mobile gaming and crypto in a beautiful standalone network.

Within this wonderful global audience, SuperOne focuses on two key segments: Asia and millennials. The gameplay is always the primary and leading concern. SuperOne is an homage to gamers who recognize when a game developer cares about its players.

SuperOne has been going over several iterations. It’s all about perfection and building the best of the best. As you might have seen I have worked on several aspects of SuperOne.

This is a prototype of avatars and in-game rewards to players. An example of style and navigation. The animation was created in After Effects and is to represent navigation within the game design.

Ux demonstration

Design in video presentation

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