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One of my first task at Teleplan was to join on a trip to collect data for a demo run for the product Nora. Nora is a a general-purpose situational awareness platform. Using NORA, organizations can have a shared understanding of the situation as it is unfolding. Be aware of where your team members are, know what the other team members know, and see what they see. *TPG TXT

We took the trip to Bergen in Norway and drove to the famous and amazing location of Voss. Voss is known for a lot but extreme sport is maybe the first that comes to mind. Each year they are the host to a week of living on the edge. During the trip I took some video and drone recordings.

I used a mix of the Inspire 2 and Mavic 2 to record the drone material and Canon 5d mk for photos and feet on the ground video. The video was rendered in HD. Filmed the drone materiale in 4K and 4K Raw and downsampled it.

Motion Graphics

When we got home I created some assets in 3D using Cinema 4D. As it was to be used not to long after we came back I rendered it out using clay render but colored the objects in the video.

Then I created a visual framework in Adobe Illustrator and imported this into Adobe After Effects. This video was to be used as a teasing trailer so the story telling was made using text lines with reference to product and features. The video, drone material and graphic assets created was then assembled. The video was animated and composited still using After Effects and rendered out as a .mp4 file. The last task was to make the soundscape to make it all come together.

The map effect was made using 3D stroke from Red Giant or I still like to think of it as Trapcode. The color grading was made also by using Red Giant solutions like Magic bullet suite Looks and Colorista. The map was made with the help of GEOlayers in After Effetcs.

Nora is an amazing product and Teleplan provide a wide range of state of the art solutions made by a super talented team. Such an honor to work side by side with them!

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