Playing to discover

Playing around with updates of software is the best way to learn

Like any other I love to watch amazing tutorials on Youtube. Specially if its a special problem you want to solve. When there is a long tutorial that include a bunch of features in a new version of any software its easy to not get all what is being used and when you want to do some of it yourself you might not remember all.

Use your own branding

Use your experiments to brand yourself

When you play around and it fits to use maybe your logo or other included in what you are doing. This is a great way to show people what you are up to and also increase personal or studio branding. It`s also a great way of reference when you try new ideas. I have here been playing with Cinema 4D and Octane. I tried to make a diamond and then I tried to fill my logo with them. They might be a girls best friend but they really bounce 🙂 Then I tried to play with an emitter.

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