Custom Xmax RedBull

Unique wrap

There is something that run in every designers blood. The goal to take the ordinary and make it into something more unique. One way to to so it is to take what you use almost every day and swing your person touch on it.

As we all have different passions we take this into our work and life. I love motorsport and racing and have done all my life. From driving tractor on my fathers farm to racing in carting, road racing and some MX im simply a creation of my surroundings.  So when I wanted to do a simple touch on my scooter I was in the process of designing and modifying my Honda CBR 600 RR. There I went for black and gold so I tried another base color and different elements.

F1 as you might know if you follow the blog is my number one motor sport and you might also know Mercedes Petronas and Lewis Hamilton is my guy. So why Red Bull? It comes back to doing some design for Jon Olsson and the fact that Honda in MotoGp has RedBull as a sponsor. So I make it into a mix. 44 is my lucky number (long story) and its also the number one Lewis car so it serves a dual purpose.

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