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Adding a new gimbal

DJI have equipped me since 2013 and its been an amazing journey. The RS2 is the latest addition to my film equipment and an addition to the Osmo RAW and my Ronin 2. I have only been testing it for a few days with the Sony A1. Super happy and really feel DJI have upped their game a lot.

The RS 2 gimbal is a redesigned follow-up to the Ronin-S gimbal with a payload of up to 10 lb. It's about 25% lighter and more compact thanks to monocoque carbon fiber axis arms and a shorter grip handle with a smaller battery cartridge, although still with a 12-hour runtime.

What's new

The motors are about 20% more powerful and support cameras such as the Blackmagic Pocket 6K, Canon 1D X Mark III, Sony a7S III, and ALEXA Mini LF. Please see the most current camera and lens compatibility list on the DJI website. The RS 2 also has a 1.4" full-color LCD touchscreen that allows you to access gimbal settings as well as features such as time-lapse and hyperlapse, which were previously accessible only via the companion mobile app. The gimbal runs for up to 12 hours on a battery cartridge that secures to the included grip handle. The cartridge can easily be swapped out for another one, sold separately. The cartridge is rechargeable via a USB Type-C port on the grip, and the grip can be completely removed from the gimbal when you need to recharge the battery. The BG30 grip is compatible with the PD and QC 2.0 charging protocols. DJI highly recommends using a 24W charger, not included. The battery supports 24W fast charging and can be fully recharged in about 1.5 hours.

I have tested it with my Atomos Ninja V and SmallRig (like the SmallRig 3028 Handgrip) and cant wait to test it more and use it on a project. Im waiting for the 3D focus system and some equipment for mounting it on a car, jetski, extended arm (like my Flowcine Black Arm), slider and more. That include the ronin expansion base kit remote setup.

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