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The 2022 F1 intro

There's nothing like the F1 theme tune to get hearts racing for the action ahead. So, before the 2022 Formula 1 World Championship begins, watch the opening title sequence right here. It's that time again time to bask in F1's heart-pounding theme song. Of course you'll watch it before the Bahrain Grand Prix sessions – but why not get a sneak peek now?

I always look forward to the see the drivers, the ew cars, livery and graphics. The theme song is a classic and always gets that F1 racing blood pumping just hearing the intro. Its natural but a bit strange to see Verstappen on the number 1 poster but cross my fingers and hope Lewis will be back there next year. With a new season that has all the material with the new cars and regulations its going to be a hell of a season!!

I love each version and it set the tone

New visuals complement Brian Tyler's score, the likes of Zhou Guanyu, Alex Albon and Kevin Magnussen part of the fold in 2022, while the brand-new 2022 F1 car features too. So, get those headphones on, crank it up to 11, and watch the new 2022 opening titles in the video player bellow.

If you take the design details with the 3D style room environment around the drivers and how this is used in the live production its a great execution. The music is amazing and have been for so long. Using a big philharmonic creating the really high energy signature sound just gets any F1 fan exited. I think compared to Nascar, IndyCar and any other motorsport series this is for sure the best!

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