Going electric

Electric bikes has really been a gigantic hit all around the world for the last 5-10 years. It keeps growing as they get better and prices drop. Still it can be expensive to buy one and you might find yourself in a location far from home where you like to explore using a bicycle. So a start up company contacted me about making a app for renting out a bike they make them self.


This is only a small part of the complete app design and I have been given permission to show this part. Patents are pending and the company are merging with another tech company and when this is done I be able to share it in full.

Using After Effects

The bike for the app is made in Cinema4D and the imported into Element3D plugin within Adobe after effects. The UX/UI was made in Illustrator and also imported into AE for creating a visual demo pre development.

California style

Takes you wherever you want to go

Im super exited to be able to work on this project and when I can reveal the client name you know how I reference this as a revolution and a giant leap as they build this not only on their own but with the merge they have access to the forefront of electrical vehicle technology and this combined will be a market bomb.

The launch is to be set for Q3 in 2022 but due to Covid it might be before or later. Its been a crazy last years. The plan was to go and meet with the amazing people behind this and get to take it for a spin and working on the next direction. Update you as soon as I know more.

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