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Some projects are meant to be released, some are form and content exploration and concepts. Other projects are not released for change in the landscape, the loss of interest or technical challenges. There may be may reasons. Its not a great feeling but knowing you did the best and that there was other reasons then the quality of your work you accept it and move one.

Then there are projects that seem to be give a second chance and to shine bright on screens around the world. This is such a project. The work was done in 2016 and was to be released in inn 2017. Reasons I can not reveal all that made the project be put on hold at first and later considered canceled.

There was several pieces that had to connect to get the solution that way it was intended and when some of them did not go the way they were intended the solution was not as extensive and complete as planed. This is just some of it but it played a part in why the decision was taken by the client.

Then I get this amazing email that ask if I have time for a Teams meetings to discuss a project. I did not know it was about going back to the old project as i have done work for the client on several projects before.

To hear that the wanted to get it out was fantastic. The time had come to reopen the files and take a look at what was done back then. They wanted to have a small update to present it with a more relevant content to partners so I made some updates to make it more 2022.

The project is more or less completed when it comes to design and all the UX details. It looks like all the pieces of the puzzle are coming into place and I cant wait to see this go live. I made some posts back in 2016 and 2017 and what I share here has been shared before but with some small updates.

I cant wait to get more news over the coming weeks and months and see it come alive like it was planed. See all the work, our meetings where we found the best way to solve interaction both on desktop and mobil. Now also smart TV is in the plans so that will be fun to see. Smart TV has and are changing almost constantly in smaller alterations and much has changed since I worked on Samsun Experience.

I cant tell so much more but I will be able to soon 🙂

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