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Hennessey is creating a 1600 HP beast

Top Gear tested the F5. Hennessey has confirmed that its incoming hypercar the Venom F5 will produce more than 1,600bhp. You will note that 1,600bhp is not a small amount of horsepower. It is many. Powering the Venom F5 will be a custom built 7.6-litre twin-turbo V8, pumping out all those horsepowers, as well as 1,300lb ft of torque at 4,400rpm.

Deadly venom

We’re told this new V8 gets an aluminium machined engine block, steel cylinder sleeves, ball-bearing turbos with billet compressor wheels, stainless steel turbo headers and a dry-sump set-up. Also did you get the bit about 1,600bhp being a lot? It is a lot. “We’re feeling confident in our quest to set new records in 2019,” said John Hennessey. Ah yes, records. Ever since John’s Venom GT hit 270mph back in 2014, he’s been watching the top speed arms race with interest. Upon hearing the news of the Agera RS’s 277mph run last year, he told TG that Koenigsegg's V8 hypercar “crushed our number, and I think that’s great.” “Christian did it right,” he added.

“That’s not all,” he added, “as we’ve saved a few more surprises for the F5, including the Track Pack enhancements, plus something else that’s literally out of this world.” Is Hennessey going full Fast and Furious 9 and sending his car into space? Only time will tell.

For now, we can tell you that each owner spent $2.1m securing one of the 24 Venom F5s scheduled for production. Each one carries a 6.6-litre unit the team have nicknamed ‘Fury’. It’s a heavily modified LS V8, bored out to 6.6-litres and packing a pair of turbos with 3D-printed titanium compressor housings. We’re told the engine's internals are all lightweight too.

Total power rests at 1,792bhp and 1,193lb ft of torque, it redlines at 8,000rpm, and according to Hennessey is “the most furious engine we have ever built”.

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