The original car company

Promoting the next generation of the Ford GT

I had the pleasure working for Audi, Renault F1, Ferrari and with my love for anything with a engine this was a huge honor and so much fun. I followed the news since they dropped that they was going to make a new one. This was before the movie Ford vs Ferrari but I had watched the famous 24 races at Le mans.

An American love story.

It was worth the wait and even the price tag.

Ford showed off its first new GT model since 2005 at the 2015 Auto Show in Detroit. The new Ford GT supercar now comes equipped a with 600-horsepower EcoBoost V-6 engine. In time for the 50th anniversary of the original GT40 winning the LeMans races, the new GT is all about flash.

Making a user experience

Building on the automotive design

The Ford GT has lines and a setup that is unique and everyone who have seen it remember it. I used the features of the outside and the design language from the infotainment system to create a visual connection.

The assignment

I was contacted by BBDO NY who had was delivering a offer for a large part of the Ford world wide branding across channels and platforms. In their offer they produced a series of visions for how to not only continue to build the Ford brand but engage a wide audience outside USA.

Direct contact

Today AR would have been a large part of the app function and tools so I tried to build on a wider audience then the typical American buyer that are looking for big cars and where fuel economy and emissions was maybe not the most prominent feature.

Eco direction

The car, the design and its raw power was obvious from all angles. But the somewhat new eco series of engines was a big plus for non domestic buyers. The GT was the main headline but with limited production numbers and price tag it was to be driving their other "GT" lineup.

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