Im a cancer survivor

Survive by a few simple steps

The beginning
When I walked into the Norwegian cancer hospital, Radiumshospitalet in 2005, I wasn’t sure I would be around for more then a few months. I was 32 years old at the time, and had just got the message my cancer had spread. Today my life is complete, and I owe it all to my amazing cancer doctor and the team at the hospital.

After finding that one of my testicle was my personal doctor ordered an X-ray, which revealed a mass that looked like cancer. My world seemed to slow down. The diagnosis came completely out of the blue. After my local doctors diagnosed the tumor, I had surgery to remove it and had bee sent me to the cancer hospital. I were more terrified than ever. They told me directly my chances was not what I was hoping for and far from it. I was given a room and a bed that would be mine for a long time. Later the same day I met my doctor Reidar who is if one is to be given credit for me writing this.

I had honestly not even given cancer any thought at all before the day I discovered the larger testicle. I was immortal as we all are until something like this hit us. One good news in my case was that even as it spread I had found it early.

My journey is personal and no cancer story is the same. We are all fighting the simple fact that we have cels that split faster. It sounds so easy and simple to cure. But we know its as complicated as its simple.

Check yourself

A few simple steps

Test yourself
To come back to the reason for me sharing this is to help you to try and discover it as early as me and take action and not sit ad hope it will go away. That was actually my plan but my doctor was also my friend who happened to have diner at our house the day after I discovered it. And I decided to tell him and because of that I’m here to tell this to you.
I write this to both male and female but I will focus on the male side.

Learning how
The good routines to discover any symptoms are easy to learn and take only minutes off your day. Bellow is Dr. Oz Teaches Testicular Cancer Self-Check that you do at Home In 3 Easy Steps. They are easy to remember but to make sure you really remember it I also included a more special “treat” here.

There is always hope
I hope you never end up finding anything but finding it early is what save lives and we can’t afford to loose anyone!

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