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Experimenting based on what you know and tutorials, live streams and deconstructing project source files. Taking something and finding how it was made and trying new ways to work with it is something I have liked since I learned HTML in the late 80s.

3D modelling, textures, light and rendering is a lot more complicated then HTML but it still holds the same principle. One of the first rules I try to follow is reminding myself that all software or types of media like editing film and photos, working with animation and 3D are all using the same principles.

A reference to hardware can be if you are using Canon as a camera and when buying a new one you buy Canon again because you know the interface. I changed to Sony A1 from using Canon for over 18 years last summer and the camera is amazing but I still look for the same names in the UI as I had on Canon. Here is also the same with different software. Names and the UI change but the principle is the same. I have used Cinema 4D and choose it because of its close integration with After Effects and Maxon that make C4D now also own Red Giant that I use a lot in After Effects.

A demo concept render

Do not overload as you go
I try and find not more then one thing I can lear from each time I explore tutorials, playing with features or other and then use what I know from before and experiment with different ways to use them together.

I do this as I 3D can be done in so many ways and its easy to get lost in how to create each project. Effects, light and textures they all change behaviour depending in what "order" you use them and attach them too. I admire and have enormous respect for people who can create a detailed scene from start to end mastering all sides. I still have a long way to go and where I struggle most is with textures and materials.

So with each time that sadly are not to often I move a few steps forward. I use the Maxon tutorials a lot and what I like the most is their "Short tips". They give you insight with features that is basic and some that you might think is advanced but turn out to be not so hard to create. One like this with how to use MoGraph effectors as deformers in Cinema 4D is linked bellow.

MoGraph effectors as deformers
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