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2022 Reel

Updating the portfolio and blog can take a lot of time and work comes first. I try to make a reel to show you the work from the last year. This time its been a bit longer. The last one was made back in 2019.

I have been living in Bali working more or less non stop and left little time for updates. The time that was left over was used to try and enjoy the islands of the goods. I am not complaining at all as I love the work and the island is a paradise on earth. I was also lucky to stay there during COVID and while it might sound like a bad situation I could enjoy the island with less traffic and crowded places.

During the summer it also been a lot of work and other that has taken some time but I have got to update about 60% of the online portfolio. More will come as I get some time and hope to have it up to date within a month or so.

The making of a new reel started a year ago but as said above the time was just not there. Some exploration on style and feel was started and when starting to plan the 2022 reel I looked over what I had done.

Some tease...

I took some of what I had prepared and started to sort out what I had and collecting material from work done since the last reel. Time goes fast for sure and there is a lot of new stuff to ad when making the new reel.

Its also known by everyone who have made one more work and its a time consuming process. Also you want to make the best reel to reflect the work you have spent so much energy creating as good as possible.

Collecting materials and looking at the source files, sorting out what jobs and what part of it to share and use before creating the music mix. I love every part of it so hope I get the time I need to create it the way I want it within the next month.

I hope you enjoy the teaser and keep coming back to see more updates and to see the new reel. Please feel free to get in touch about SuperOne and how you can be involved in the next revolution in mobile gaming set in a meta world. We are soon ready to launch and its a perfect time to get on board. Also love to hear from you about anything if only to say hi 🙂

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