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In my work at Teleplan we create solutions the defence, privat sector and government. Its a highly rewarding job to help protect both individual’s and public at large.

We worked with Flir and their Black Hornet® PRS. This drone is highly advanced but also comes with a high cost and is not available for everyone. In a lot of situations this was also not the best fit for the tasks at hand.

Dji has a lot of solutions that fits like a glove to both the need and the software solutions that Teleplan has. We traveled to their Headquarter in Europe that is located in Frankfurt. We flew from Norway and had a great meeting with their Creative Director and the highly talented Ferdinand Wolf.

As this was a business to business meeting its under a NDA so I cant share a lot of what we talked about but with all the great news that has been released the last 6 months and what DJI hints at coming its no secret it was an exiting meeting.

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